10 Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

With over 500 million users on Twitter, filtering through the noise and being found becomes more of a challenge. However, Twitter can be one of the most powerful social media marketing tools to help foster branding, generating leads, driving sales and traffic to your business. Before diving in with pushing out any promotional or educational content, your profile needs to be optimized for Twitter’s search engine.

Choosing a Twitter Handle

Make sure your Twitter handle includes your company name. Keep it simple, professional and consistent to what current customers and prospects know you as. I’d recommend the following:

  • Steer away from having to use hyphens and underscores (if possible)
  • Don’t use numbers
  • If your desired Twitter handle is taken, consider using the location in which your business is located (e.g. CompanyNameLocation)

Upload a Picture

Anytime I come across a company profile that is using the Twitter default image, I can’t help but have a “SMH” moment. Know that your profile image should be your logo.

Header Image

Your header image should balance out your profile image. Don’t fill it up with CTAs and text. Instead, you want to have an image that speaks 1,000 words. A couple profiles that have done a great job with this are Mashable and Ford.

Background Image

Leverage this area to further provide information about your company and the many different ways in which your customers as well as prospects can get in touch with you.

Name and Location

Again, use your company name and also provide the location in which you’re headquartered. Twitter’s advanced search functionality allows users to search by location, so this is a great to ensure that you’re easily found within your locale.

Fill Out Your Bio

This is one of the most crucial places to input targeted keywords that you want to be found for. A good example to look at is Moz as they use keywords like marketing analytics, online marketing, and inbound marketing. All of these are clear and succinct. Not only are these used for search aspects, they are used to further describe the company’s primary focus, which is great for narrowing in on attracting the right target demographic.

Include Website URL

Directing traffic to your website increases the chances of conversions and further engagement. Make sure you have a place visitors can go to learn more about your company.

Create Twitter Lists

Knowing who your influencers are and also the news sources you need to keep up with to stay up-to-date about your industry is key. Twitter lists are the best way to execute both.

Hashtag Usage

Don’t go overboard with hashtags. Limit yourself to using no more than 3-4 hashtags and push to use relevant hashtags. Use a tool like Twubs to better understand the types of conversations that are happening around your industry, keep track of the popular hashtags, listen and participate!

Tweet Structure

There are a few different ways in which you can tweet out an update. Here are a few essential rules to follow for best practices:

  • Include headline/title, link, and 3-4 hashtags


  • Whenever quoting a tweet, make sure you input an expression or comment before the Twitter handle.

  • When using RT, you have one of two ways to go – 1) You can simply just RT another tweet, but I recommend doing this with highly influential profiles OR 2) Add a comment before the RT .

Have more suggestions to add on how to optimize your Twitter profile? Share them in the comments section below!

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