How to Run a Successful Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting, if done correctly, can be a very powerful way to engage and convert your target demographic. So, what is retargeting? Retargeting allows you to serve cookies to capture visitors who come to your website, enabling you to later show...

Personal Branding

Your A-Z Guide for Personal Branding

Recently, I grabbed coffee with a colleague who posed the following question, “Do I really need to care about my personal brand?” The short answer is: yes; the longer answer is: abso-freaking-lutely! Here are few reasons why you should care...

Optimize your blog

7 Ways to Easily Optimize Your Blog

Often, clients come to me because they’ve spent the last few months to years not optimizing their blog and though they update their blog with fresh content consistently, they’re not seeing the traffic, let alone leads expected. That said...

Startup Marketing

4 Crucial Things Marketing Should Be Doing

Marketing has long been my passion and an area I’ve known from day one that I wanted to make a career out of. To me, marketing is more than just showcasing all of the great things about a company, but dives into understanding: Target...

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